Building Saskatchewan’s Western Trade Corridor

"Building Saskatchewan's Western Trade Corridor" is a business case commissioned by "Community Future's Southwest" of Swift Current, SK The documents makes the case to bring HWY #4 on the Saskatchewan side of the border up to primary weight status and develop commercial border services at the Port of Morgan/Monchy fifty miles north of Malta. The…
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Keystone XL Pipeline Advocacy

The PhillCo Economic Growth Council supports the efforts of TransCanada to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline that will run through Phillips County, Montana. The Keystone XL Pipeline will create jobs and increase the local tax base. PhillCo has drafted a letter to Montana's Congressional delegation thanking them for their continued support of the Pipeline. We'd…
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Northern Montana’s Hi-Line – National Geographic Magazine

Riding Out Another Season Harsh isolation didn't deter homesteaders from making a life along northern Montana's Hi-Line. Their tight-knit descendants show no less resolve. By David Quammen Photograph by William Albert Allard The earnest saga of farming and ranching in northern Montana began with a misconception that verged on a lie: free land, enough to…
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